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Gutter Cover Company specializes in heated gutters and Gutter Toppers®. Heated gutters will melt away the snow and ice accompanied by all the stress and worries. This Heated system is a safe and professional way to keep big icicles and ice dams from forming on the gutter.

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Our Gutter Topper® eliminates one of the messiest jobs at your home. No more dangerous ladder climbing to clean out clogs in your gutter. With GutterTopper®, water flows into the gutter...leaves and debris fall to the ground

5 Key Things to Look For in a Gutter Cover:

1 Keeps out debris
2 Handle heavy rain
3 Wind resistant
4 Durable, solid construction
5 Offer a lifetime warranty
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Gutter Topper

Gutter Topper has a lifetime transferable performance warranty that ensures the gutters will remain free-flowing forever. It has been independently tested for severe weather conditions and is manufactured right here in Ohio. Gutter Topper can also install over existing gutters.

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Heated Gutters

Heater Cap is the best and safest solution to ice formation in gutters. It can be installed with or without gutter covers and also adapts to most existing gutter protection. Unlike the old "zig-zag' roof wires Heater Cap melts a much larger area with a heat dispersing plate.

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