Eliminate Clogged Gutters Forever

GutterTopper® can be installed over your existing gutters or we can install new seamless gutters if needed. When using the existing gutters each installation includes proper slope alignment, seam and corner sealing, tightening to the facia board, and of course cleaning the gutters and downspouts. Gutter Topper has an outstanding track record of performance and comes with a LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE PERFORMANCE WARRANTY.

With all the extreme weather lately, investing in a quality product is the right thing to do. Gutter Cover Company has been relieving families of gutter problems since 1998. Our staff has the latest technology and an extensive knowledge about the industry. We offer a free consultation and estimate on how we can help you resolve all your issues.

GutterTopper® has many benefits:

  • Eliminates one of the messiest jobs at your home. No more dangerous ladder climbing to clean out clogs in your gutter. With GutterTopper®, water flows into the gutter...leaves and debris fall to the ground
  • Prevents damaging overflow
  • Prolongs gutter life
  • Protects gutters from snow, leaves, seed pods, maple spinners, oak tassles, twigs, pine needles and critters

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